I’m Posting Every Day in 2011!

5 Jan

WordPress is posing a challenge to all of it’s bloggers: post every day! Now, I am notorious for starting a blog with gusto only to have that enthusiasm fizzle out after a couple of weeks. I am hoping that perhaps taking part in this challenge will help to keep me on track.

I love makeup. I haven’t always, but I do now. I have a passion for makeup and beauty products that I don’t think I have ever had about any other “hobby” in my life. It is my goal to someday become an actual professional makeup artist, and to help people to understand that while beauty itself is only skin-deep, the feeling that looking good and taking care of your appearance gives will resonate throughout your life. I think that maybe this challenge to blog every day will be just the thing to help keep me motivated to start spreading that message.

I hope that you enjoy what I do here. If you don’t that’s fine. I won’t take offense (unless, of course, you’re one of those jerks who feels the need to bring other people down because you didn’t get hugged enough as a child…if that’s the case, don’t let the proverbial door hit you on the way out). Some people may think that my love of makeup and beauty products is shallow – heck, it probably is. But it’s fun. Playing with makeup is fun. And I think most people could use a bit more fun in their lives. And if that bit of fun happens to make you look purty in the process, then what’s the harm? 🙂

Be beautiful!




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